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The 2019 Annual Conference and the 2018 Annual Recognition Ceremony were held smoothly
On February 1, 2019, the company's annual recognition celebration with the theme of "sailing and sailing in 2019 to build a dream of heaven" was solemnly held in the VIP Building of the old Huizhou canteen hall. The purpose of this annual meeting is to summarize the work in 2018, analyze the achievements and shortcomings, formulate a new year's work master plan, clarify the direction and objectives of the new year's work, enhance the cohesion among employees, and ignite it. Passion, enhance the staff's recognition of the enterprise family; commend the excellent employees of the company, mobilize their enthusiasm and encourage them to perform excellently in the new year's work through incentive; thank the employees of the company for their hard work in the past year, enhance the interaction and communication between leaders and employees, and thank them for their efforts in the development of the company over the past year. On the same day of the annual meeting, the company leaders and all staff gathered together to celebrate the New Year with a toast.
With the exciting Song of the Rising Heaven, the annual meeting officially opened in the speech of Mr. Shao Tian, General Manager. In his speech, Mr. Shao said that in 2018, under the unfavorable economic situation at home and abroad, the company can still uphold the business philosophy of "creating world-renowned products and creating lasting undertakings", so that the company shows a positive and enterprising, concerted efforts, dare to break through the good situation, gradually improve the management level, all aspects of work have been effectively carried out, so that various business indicators. It was basically achieved. These achievements can not be achieved without the hard work of all staff. On behalf of the company, he thanks you and sends New Year's greetings.
At the same time, Shao General Instructs us to seize the new year's opportunities and make every effort to seize the good momentum of LNG low-temperature product market development, make use of the company's existing advantages, tap potential, integrate resources, increase marketing efforts, innovate technology research and development, optimize manufacturing processes, increase production output, improve product quality, and strive for greater market share. Breakthrough, so as to grasp more market initiative.

We all know that without hard work, the harvest would not be so beautiful. We are more convinced that hard work will pay off. Under the correct leadership of the company, all Yang Tianren overcame difficulties, struggled hard and achieved remarkable results. This annual meeting commended the collectives and individuals who performed particularly well in 2018, and awarded trophies and bonuses. Xiao Dongdong, a colleague of the Ministry of Technology, delivered a speech on behalf of outstanding employees and award-winning collectives. He thanked the company for providing such a good development platform and growth environment. At the same time, he thanked the company leaders and colleagues for their help and support. He was determined to make further efforts in his future work and strive for greater progress in achieving personal and corporate goals.

Such a group of outstanding Yang Tianren will become our model of learning, prompting us to speed up the pace of enterprise development, keep forging ahead, and strive for our common dream of raising the sky! 

At this annual meeting, Mr. Wang Jianxiang, the Deputy General Manager, summarized and reviewed the work in 2018, and deployed the work in 2019. In a brief summary of the company's operations over the past year, Wang said that the achievements are hard won and the brilliance contains hardship, which embodies the efforts and wisdom of every employee and condenses the correct strategic decision of the company's leadership. He thanked every employee who had come along with Yang Tian.

Mr. Wang hopes that all the people in Yangtian will make joint efforts, make concerted efforts to keep forging ahead, take executive power as the dominant idea of future work, and take detail management as the basic method of work. He will make great efforts to implement the work throughout the year, strive to make further progress in the work in 2019, and create more brilliant achievements for the future of the enterprise. At the end of the report, he also sent New Year greetings to all employees and their families on behalf of the company, and wishes for the New Year!


In order to enrich the annual meeting activities, increase the festive atmosphere, and promote the feelings between enterprises and employees, the lottery link of this annual meeting has pushed the activities to a new climax. The winner was overjoyed when he received the prize from the presenting guests, and he was very lucky. Those who were not smoked were also affected by the atmosphere, all smiling.

(First Prize)

(Second Prize)

(Third Prize)

(Fourth Prize)

"Because we are a family, a family that loves each other...", the warm and happy song sounded, the host announced the successful conclusion of the annual meeting, and thanked the company leadership for their support and cooperation, thank them for overcoming difficulties for the development of the company, work together, win-win and create! Finally, on behalf of the company, I wish you a happy New Year and a happy family! Wishing you a better tomorrow!

We have an appointment to see you next year.


Happy News - Warmly celebrating our company's successful acquisition of pressure vessel A1 design license and A2 design license for successful replacement

29 November 2018

Recently, with the joint efforts of all staff, our company successfully obtained the A1 design license and A2 design license for pressure vessels on November 27, 2018.

The successful completion of the qualification declaration will provide a new growth point for the company's rapid development in the future. We would like to thank the company leaders for their strong support in forensic work and the full cooperation of relevant personnel. We also want to thank the expert review team for their recognition of our company.


Happy News - --- Warmly celebrating that our company has passed the certification of environmental quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and has obtained AAA certificate of enterprise.

September 10, 2018

The leaders of our company attach great importance to the work of increasing qualifications. They require all departments of the company to study the new standards of relevant systems under the leadership of the representatives of managers, and to improve the management system and standardize the internal management according to the new standards. Through organizing training and effectively running the new edition of management manual and procedure documents, the system certification was successfully passed, and relevant certificates were obtained in August 2018 and September 6, 2018, respectively.

The smooth development of this work fully reflects the spirit of our company's staff to work together, not afraid of difficulties, and go forward bravely. It is the result of the joint efforts of all people!


Four Happy News - Warmly congratulate our company on being awarded the "Punctual Delivery Award" by ABB Group.

Through the unremitting efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and ABB team, as well as the strong support and cooperation of all colleagues of the company, our company won the "punctual delivery award" awarded by Zhongshan ABB Transformer Co., Ltd. in June 2018. This honor is a recognition of our past work and an incentive for our future work. We hope that all our colleagues will continue to carry forward the spirit of heaven and make further efforts to achieve good results in our future work.

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